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4 Tips for the Hamptons-Bound

Everything you need to know for making the trip out East this summer

Traffic is a given in the Hamptons, where the summer months see an explosion in not only full-time population but also weekend visitors. Luckily there’s Main Street Drivers , James Hirtenstein’s year-old service that pairs experienced East End drivers with your own car to take you out on the town.

“I’ve done the drive from Montauk back to East Hampton so many times and you see people pulled over left and right,” Hirtenstein says. “I saw that for so many years and I decided to stop talking about it and do something.”

Launched in May, 2012, Main Street Drivers provides a driver to take clients and their parties anywhere they might need to go, from restaurants to bars, the beach or even back to the city.

“The majority of the clients who utilize the service on weekends start out at a nice dinner in town and then head to a nightclub to have some fun,” Hirtenstein says. “We’ll make sure they can party in a responsible way.”

With that in mind, Hirtenstein shares his tips for maneuvering traffic as you head out East.

Leave Early

“The early bird gets the worm is always true when it comes to transportation in the Hamptons,” he says. “A lot more people now are coming out on Thursday, most of the time in the late morning.” And the advice also applies to going out: What might seem like a 20-minute trip can take a lot longer on a busy Saturday night.

Avoid Crowded Beaches

“If you want to have a nice time, the best bet is to avoid Sag Main and the Atlantic or East Hampton Main,” Hirtenstein says. “The beaches get overcrowded with car congestion. A beach like Cooper’s is more intimate and off the beaten path—you might not have the permits to do so, but with our service you can go.”

Learn the Back Roads

Relying on the perennially congested Route 27 is no way to spend your time. Grab a map—or just use an app—to learn how to navigate the Hamptons’ windy back roads to reach your destination. “They’re not as empty as they used to be,” Histenstein notes, “but compared to what you’re going to be dealing with on 27, they’re certainly the way to go.”

Make Reservations

To avoid driving around all night looking for a place to eat, Hirtenstein recommends making sure wherever you’re planning to go is expecting you. “Try to make a reservation ahead of time and you’ll save a lot of time running around,” he says.