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Combat the Winter With Dirty Lemon

Avoid the negative effects of the holiday season with these nutritionist-approved remedies

The holiday season is followed by either the optimism of deciding on your New Year’s resolution, or the realism of accepting the fact that you aren’t going to join a gym, cut carbs or stop wearing black. I would normally prefer the latter, but then I discovered Dirty Lemon, a collection of wellness formulas made with specific results in mind. Laurie Brodsky, a naturopathic doctor for Dirty Lemon, suggests that whether you’re after energy, focus, sleep, cleansing or strengthening, there will be a Dirty Lemon beverage designed for you.

For example, there is a drink made with ginseng to battle the mid-week slump we all feel. Then there is a collagen-based drink that will help you maintain a consistent beauty routine during the busy season, a charcoal cleanse to assist with those post-holiday party blues and a Matcha drink that will elevate metabolism for when you overindulge in the holiday sweets. The drinks are tasty and stylish, offering you no excuse for not ditching the bloat of the holiday season.

One of Brodsky’s favorite Dirty Lemon drinks is the +charcoal option. Without any added flavors or sugars, this smart beverage gently invigorates your regular wellness routine by alkalinizing cells, flooding the body with antioxidants, and providing herbal digestive support for inner and outer health. “Our body is designed to cleanse overnight and rid the body of inflammatory molecules while resting, so the ideal time to consume the +charcoal beverage would be before bed and on a full stomach,” she says.

In order to fully enjoy the holiday season without the aftermath of grief, bloating and regret, Brodsky has four top tips aside from stocking up on Dirty Lemon beverages.

1. Rule of 1’s is to enjoy one of everything you love so that you get a taste of happiness, and then step away.

2. Don’t show up to a party starving, but rather eat healthier, fiber-rich foods before-hand to avoid the ravenous beast ready to pounce!

3. Working out always helps stabilize blood sugars and optimizes blood flow throughout the system, including diverting flow away from the gut so that when you are ready to eat, your body processes things much more efficiently and effectively.

4. Be sure to fast at least 12 hours the night before an event, so that you can prepare your body for more food the following day.

See the four Dirty Lemon formulas that we recommend for the holiday season below.

Skin and Hair: The Dirty Lemon daily beauty tonic is designed to hydrate skin, increase elasticity, reduce wrinkles and trigger new collagen production.

Hangover and Detoxing: Charcoal will cleanse your soul from all of those holiday cocktails, partying and junk food as the beverage is a detoxifying elixir designed to improve digestion, stimulate liver function & gently cleanse your system of impurities.

Mid-week Slump: Ginseng will help you power through those holiday errands, obligations and new year’s resolutions by heightening your focus & alertness while delivering sustained, fat-burning energy when your body needs it most.

Burn off that Holiday Cheer: Use Matcha as your gym buddy to help reach your new year’s body goals with its powerful combination of amino acids and antioxidants that elevate metabolism and increase fat burn throughout your day.