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Try a $100 Chocolate Martini

Visit Austin’s Academia cocktail bar, a bibliophile’s mecca and now, a haven for your sweet tooth

The sophisticated design of Academia cocktail bar is somewhat unexpected considering its colorful location on Austin’s vibrant West 4th Street. The elegant space offers dim lighting, catering to a romantic vibe, while the communal high-top tables create a buzzy atmosphere on the weekends, easing guests into the bustling nightlife of Austin. Opened in 2017 by celebrity mixologist from television show Bar Rescue, Russell Davis, the bar’s design is influenced by literary icons. Patrons will find cryptic crests adorning the walls of the space, alluding to literary giants such as Ernest Hemingway and Hunter S. Thomson.

With a carefully curated cocktail menu, the drinks have held their own against the evocative décor since Academia’s opening. But now, the libations have upped their game. In honor of the holiday season, Academia will feature a $100 Chocolate Martini on their menu. Made with the rarest and most expensive chocolate in the world, To’ak Chocolate is decadent and indulgent. To’ak Chocolate is made from the oldest known variety of cacao, which is harvested from the Nacional Cacao tree (thought to be extinct for over a century), of which there are only 15 remaining in the world.

Davis has incorporated his own homemade Chocolate Syrup into the luxurious martini along with Edible Silver, Grey Goose La Vanille Vodka, an egg, aged balsamic vinegar and Liquid Nitrogen. Stop by Academia in Austin, Texas this holiday season to try it for yourself.