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Famed interior designer Vicente Wolf on his top tips for curating a contemporary, avant-garde home

Vicente Wolf is very well-respected in the world of interior design, having worked on elegant properties around the globe for the last 30 years, but he’s still at the top of his game. In addition to leaving his stylish mark at private residences and large corporations alike, he owns his own line of home furnishings, has written three books and is now collaborating with PPG Voice of Color on a collection of paints.  But there’s no slowing Wolf down.

Here, the interiors expert shares his tips for replicating his clean, modern design aesthetic in your own home. 

Interior design by Vicente Wolf

Interior design by Vicente Wolf

What does the word “modern” mean to you in terms of interior design? 

What the word means to me is being in the moment, living in today’s lifestyle, never conforming to trends and staying balanced.

Say a person wants to update their home’s design to reflect a more modern aesthetic, but they feel overwhelmed with the task. Where should they start?

The starting point is to eliminate clutter in your living space. Begin to analyze what function the space is going to have. Select furniture with clean lines and modern elegance that will fulfill your lifestyle functionalities. 

You have a new Color Diaries collection coming out with PPG Voice of Color—what’s your advice for people looking to spruce up the color in a modern home? It seems like there’s a stigma that modern homes needs to be very white. Where does color fit into that equation?

Speaking for myself, I love white, but for modern designs I tend to bring color into rooms that are isolated environments, such as the bedroom or bath. Try warm colors like Fresco, Silent Storm, Sourdough, Castaway or Icy Bay from PPG’s Voice of Color Collection. 

What are some stores that you love to shop for modern furniture?

I love Design Within ReachKnoll International and CB2.

Is there a way to mix a few more traditional pieces into a modern home or should a person stick to one theme and stay true to it? 

It depends—if a person wants more of an eccentric space, then mixing themes is okay, even theatrical. I think mixing is more fun and exciting!



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