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5 Ways to Create a More Stylish Workspace

The founder of Perch shared her top tips

Whether you’re a believer in Feng Shui or not, it’s hard to deny the impact of an inspiring, beautifully designed workspace. Lucy Lyle, a former Google employee, believed in the power of a stylish office so much that she created Perch, a startup that designs, manufactures and curates a selection of beautiful, special workspace goods from around the world.

We caught up with Lyle who shared her top five tips for improving an everyday workspace

1. At the core of an inspired workspace is your desk — your desk is the canvas and it sets the tone from which you furnish and set up the rest of your workspace. A functional and thoughtfully designed desk, that has been masterfully crafted will change the way you feel when you sit down to work. Our Harrison Desk, made of rich solid mahogany was designed with this realization in mind, and there is no detail overlooked. The drawer face is constructed at angle so that it disappears from view/line of sight when standing, and when sitting provides spacious rich hardwood drawers. Features like this make for a clean, minimalist design, which is seamlessly married to functionality.  

2. Working on-the-go: Design and detail are just as important for your working life when you’re away from your desk. Whether it’s a laptop case, folio to tidy the papers you’re carrying, or charger pouch to tame the cords.  Most days right now you’ll find me using The Pixelfolk Laptop Case, made of a cream leather. The delicate and thoughtful details will make your work travels more pleasant. One of of my other must haves during the week is the Reina Leather Document Folio – made by hand in workshops in Paris, it keeps the papers I carry in elegant order and gets more beautiful with time. These kinds of details count — both for you, and those you interact with.

3. Organization is key – an organized workspace gives you a clear mind to tackle the day ahead. Make sure you have a desk tray for the essentials, and a place for everything in your workspace to go. Our storage boxes are perfect for keeping things on your desk or nearby in a organized way that is beautiful to look at.

4. The items you use the most frequently should bring you joy and reflect who you are. For instance, your notebook and pen. You take these to every meeting and are constantly using them. Shouldn’t they be a representation of your personal taste? I personally love our Raw Aluminium Fine Tipped Fountain Pen and Quitterie A6 Notebook.

5. Upgrade your staples (no pun intended, truly) and have a polished desk setup your grandfather would be proud of, and your grandchildren grateful for, in no time. Some our favorites that we found when scouring the world, include: the Brass Pen Case from Japan, the Classic Scissors in brass or Gold Scissors — sharp and stunning whether in use or sitting next to your pens, and the Aluminum Desktop Stapler made by the same company for generations in Italy.