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Ridiculously Chic Bathrooms

The hottest movement in interior design is happening in a space you’d never expect

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Home design trends tend to be in a constant state of flux—one minute we’re surrounded by chevron prints and brass fixtures and the next, all eyes are on farmhouse-inspired driftwood. Kitchens are perpetually becoming higher-tech, living rooms are going less formal and master bedrooms are transforming into spacious suites. Bathrooms, on the other hand, consistently feel like an afterthought in the hierarchy of home improvements. 

But according to the Architects Institute of America, 24% of homeowners are beginning to reconsider the oft-overlooked space. The lowly washroom is experiencing something of a renaissance, and architects are taking note. New, high-profile developments around the country—like Brickell Village in Miami and New York’s 50 West Street—are being designed with spaces that look more like lavish sanctuaries than commodes. With rain showers, oversized soaking tubs and imported marble finishes, it’s like taking a trip to the spa without ever leaving home. Click through the gallery for a selection of seriously inspiring interiors.