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There’s a hot, new destination for both travel enthusiasts and design lovers – and you can get there without a plane

BlyThe new San Francisco-based website Bly is a one-stop-shop for home décor and art from around the world. Every two months the site curates a new collection from a different international location. The pieces – like gorgeous lamps, rugs and trunks – are sourced from local street markets and bazaars.

Rena Thiagarajan, the site’s founder, is a former attorney who translated her keen design aesthetic and passion for cultural discovery into an online shopping marketplace. Each piece on the site is hand-picked by Thiagarajan and is accompanied by a wealth of information about it’s history, the market it was sourced from, and often an explanation of the item’s cultural significance. The site is also filled with striking imagery shot by local photojournalists.

Bly’s debut collection featuring gorgeous textiles and one-of-a-kind home accents comes straight from the streets of Mumbai. Future collections will include exotic locales like Malacca, Malaysia and Kumasi, Ghana. Explore the site for yourself here.