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A Modern Barn House in the Hamptons

Step inside BLACKBARN, interior designer Mark Zeff’s minimalist retreat and subject of his new book

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The classic Hamptons farmhouse is getting an upgrade. BLACKBARN, the brainchild of architect and interior designer Mark Zeff, offers custom-built homes “inspired by the barns and farmhouses of the East End, with a bespoke modern sensibility,” according to developer Robert Dankner of Prime Manhattan Residential. Selling for about $4 million, each custom home features touches like industrial staircases, matte-black exteriors and wide-plank wooden floors—along with pools and tennis courts. “BLACKBARN is a departure from the McMansion-style houses that have become so typical; an exciting new alternative.”

Zeff, who has created world-class interiors for the likes of Hilary Swank, Annie Leibowitz and Gabriel Byrne, has published a lavishly illustrated monograph, aptly titled BLACKBARN, which celebrates his seminal project and dream home. Browse through the attached gallery for a look inside the property.

The cover of "BLACKBARN"

The cover of “BLACKBARN”

BLACKBARN, $38.49, amazon.com.