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Wildly Chic Tableware

Apartment Therapy founder Maxwell Ryan partners with Canvas Home to create dining sets with both iconic American and English design elements

When Andrew Corrie, founder of Canvas Home, and Maxwell Ryan, founder of Apartment Therapy, decided to collaborate on a collection of tableware, they began by raiding Ryan’s cupboards.

“He had some creamware from England that servants would eat off of in the basement of posh country houses. It was probably from the same factories as what they were using upstairs except it was plain, not decorated,” says Corrie. They used that as a reference as well as restaurant crockery and some of Ryan’s favorite glasses. “I like three sizes of glasses, but you cannot find them in a set in America. For me at home, the smallest is a Duralex, the middle a Reidel and the large glass is a Libbey. I wanted to make a family of these glasses.”

Canvas Home's Maxwell Ryan Collection

Canvas Home’s Maxwell Ryan Collection

The French linen runner is also something Ryan noticed was missing in the marketplace. “Americans do not buy tablecloths anymore, so nobody makes them.”

The tableware is tied together by a warm grey mark on each piece, which Ryan explains was inspired by an iconic American design.

“I have always been a fan of the Levi’s red tab that separates their jeans from every other jean.”