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This Week’s Cultural Cliffsnotes

Your cheat sheet to the next seven days in the arts – highbrow and low (plus everything in between)

Each week, there’s an avalanche of new albums, films, books, theater, and art to take in—from monumental new voices in culture to guilty pleasures worth indulging in. We’re here to help narrow down what deserves your attention. Our picks for the week are below: 

The Album: Singer Charles Bradley’s sophomore album, Victim of Love, finds the sexagenarian “screaming eagle of soul” as energetic, feisty and funky as ever. Count on young, in-the-know music fans continuing to pack shows by the old-enough-to-be-your-grandfather talent. Out Tuesday, April 2.

The Book: Telex From Cuba author Rachel Kushner is back with her second novel, the greatly awaited The Flamethrowers, which follows a young artist from the creative Neverland of 1970s New York to a politically volatile Italy. Out Tuesday, April 2.

The Series: In DirecTV’s first original series, Rogue, Thandie Newton (pictured) deftly takes on the role of an undercover cop forced to plunge deep into the ranks of a California crime syndicate in order to solve the murder of her own young son. Premieres Wednesday, April 3

The Exhibit: Controversial, highly decorated Israeli artist Yael Bartana brings her much debated video series And Europe Will Be Stunned, which addresses European xenophobia in a smart, scary and highly stylized fashion, to New York’s Petzel gallery. Opens Thursday, April 4.

The Movie: Robert Redford does double duty as director and star in The Company You Keep, a star-studded thriller about a trio of now-middle-aged radicals—played by Redford, Susan Sarandon and Julie Christie—dealing with the consequences of their youthful actions. Out Friday, April 5.