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The View from the Other Side of the Camera Lens

Legendary shutterbug Terry O’Neill takes us behind the scenes of his new Miami exhibition

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Over his six-decade career, photographer Terry O’Neill has photographed countless subjects, from actors and politicians to the British royal family. And while he’s shot untold frames over the years, only a small fraction of those photos have made it into his latest show at Miami’s Black Square Gallery.

“It’s thrilling at my age to see my photographs still excite,” O’Neill, who has 20 images on display in the exhibit, says.  And Miami isn’t the only place getting riled up; this year O’Neill has brought his work to Tokyo, Amsterdam, Munich and Monte Carlo, and after he closes up shop in Miami he’ll move his show to Los Angeles.

For this peripatetic installation, O’Neill’s selected never-before-seen images of stars, including Frank Sinatra and Audrey Hepburn, who inspired the photographer throughout his career. “There doesn’t seem to be anyone today who could inspire me to work as they could,” he notes. “With them you were in an endless quest for the perfect shot!”

Here, he shares seven exclusive photos that will not be on display in the exhibition.