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Say goodbye to a restful night—enter the mesmerizing worlds of six brand-new page-turners written with style and skill

The Collector of Dying Breaths
By M.J. Rose

Bestselling novelist M.J. Rose delivers another intoxicating story that leaps between times: A 16th century royal court riddled with master poisoners and a 21st century France of perfumer’s laboratories and mysterious chateaus. (Atria Books)


Critical Damage
By Robert K. Lewis

In the second novel in the compelling Mark Mallen crime series, the recovering junkie/former cop protagonist plunges into San Francisco’s gritty underworld to find two missing prostitutes. (Midnight Ink, available April 22)


The Furies
By Mark Alpert

The author of cutting-edge science thrillers Extinction and Final Theory, Mark Albert blends science with history to create a riveting story of how genetics could explain centuries of witchcraft. (St. Martin’s Press, available April 22)


The Headmaster’s Wife
By Thomas Christopher Greene

When a New England headmaster is found wandering naked in Manhattan’s Central Park one winter morning, a mesmerizing tale unfolds of tragedy, family and a tight-knit society built on secrets. (St. Martin’s Press)


Keep Quiet
By Lisa Scottoline

Award-winning author Lisa Scottoline writes a gut-wrenching story of a father who makes a split-second choice to save his teenage son that unravels the life of his seemingly perfect family. (St. Martin’s Press)


Ruin Falls
By Jenny Milchman

As she proved in her acclaimed debut Cover of Snow, Jenny Milchman can evoke the shadows and fears of a rural community like no one else. This time, a mother races against time to find her two children, who disappear from a hotel room on the way to visit their grandparents’ farm. (Random House, available April 22)



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