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Nancy Bilyeau

Executive Editor


Nancy Bilyeau, author of historical thrillers The CrownThe Chalice and The Tapestry, is the executive editor of DuJour. She is a writer and editor who has worked on the staffs of InStyleRolling Stone, and Good Housekeeping. A native of the Midwest, she graduated from the University of Michigan. She lives in New York City with her husband and two children.

Recent Articles
  • Unraveling The Mysterious Death of Sir Harry Oakes in the Bahamas

    Unraveling The Mysterious Death of Sir Harry Oakes in the Bahamas

    Take one very rich man, family hatreds, financial secrets, Nazi sympathizers and the notorious Duke and Duchess of Windsor, and what do you get?

    It was July 8, 1943,  an hour after dawn; a time and a season for everything to be quiet and slow-moving on the island of New Providence in the Bahamas. But not this morning. Frantic phone calls destroyed the drowsy, sultry calm. The largest landowner in the Bahamas, a ... More

  • Look Who’s Talking

    Look Who’s Talking

    Speakers at big-ticket events have found that wisdom is worth its weight in gold. Meet the man directing one of the top troupes of talent

    Don Epstein wants to captivate you. Not just for a minute or two, either. He wants you planted in your seat, transfixed, for 45 minutes minimum. Epstein, the CEO and founder of Greater Talent Network, books authors, athletes, business leaders and politicians for lectures all over the world, with clients ... More

  • Rules of Engagement

    The Don'ts of Public Speaking

    Don’t apologize, don’t be dull and, please, don’t picture the audience naked. A public-speaking expert reveals his secrets

    The place: an important business conference. The event: a morning keynote. All eyes on the speaker as he shuffles to the podium and then, with a nervous smile, begins: “Sorry, everyone. I know it’s early and you wish you’d been able to sleep later, especially since we went late last ... More

  • The Suspense Sisters

    The Suspense Sisters

    These superb summer thrillers were written by four authors at the top of their game who share the inside story of writing their books


  • A Great Read for a Great Guy

    A Great Read for a Great Guy

    Six ideas for books that will turn the right page on Father’s Day


  • The World According to James Patterson

    The World According to James Patterson

    The top-selling author on why he's launching his own children's book imprint and the secret to fiction success

    For those who think of death by gun, knife or rope when they hear the name James Patterson, the announcement that the thriller titan is creating his own imprint of children’s books at Little, Brown may seem a little incongruous. But for the thousands of industry players milling about in the ... More

  • A City Stroll with Lyndsay Faye

    A City Stroll with Lyndsay Faye

    Get to know The Fatal Flame author

    From French-handbag boutiques to rarefied-chocolate stalls, few Manhattan neighborhoods are more up to-the-minute than Nolita. At first glance, standing across the street from the newly opened Helmut Lang outpost on Prince, writer Lyndsay Faye fits right in. Fishing through her handbag, she’s slender and bohemian chic, wearing RayBans and a ... More

  • Books That Make Perfect Mother’s Day Presents

    Books That Make Perfect Mother’s Day Presents

    Here are five very different new novels, written by women of inspiring talent, that would make perfect gifts for Mom


  • The First Working Class Hero

    The First Working Class Hero

    Ben Miles, star of the Broadway production of Wolf Hall, explains why Henry VIII’s chief fixer, Thomas Cromwell, is worth the price of admission

    First it was the novels. Hilary Mantel’s Wolf Hall and Bring Up the Bodies, about the tumultuous career of Tudor power player Thomas Cromwell, each won a Booker Prize. Second came the theatrical adaptation, which was a tremendous success on the London stage. Third is the six-part television series, starring Mark Rylance and ... More

  • The Secrets of Coco Chanel

    The Secrets of Coco Chanel

    In a new novel, author C.W. Gortner reveals the truth behind the fashion designer's iconic image

    Mademoiselle Chanel, published by William Morrow this week, has won glowing reviews (“deliciously satisfying”) for its excitement and drama and the fascinating details of Coco Chanel’s rags to riches triumph. But the novel also goes deeper, thanks to the connection its author, C.W. Gortner, made with his famously ... More