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America’s Most Glamorous Couples Captured on Camera

Famed photographer Rose Hartman has documented decades of duos

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To take a newsworthy photograph, one needs a newsworthy subject. But capturing celebrities—especially notoriously private ones—in a beautifully candid frame is difficult. Luckily, photographer Rose Hartman is an expert at doing just that.

In her new book, Incomparable Couples, Hartman documents moments inside the lives of America’s most prominent duos. Witness rare instances like a glowing Ralph and Ricky Lauren, or a stolen kiss between Kate Moss and Johnny Depp. From Andy Warhol, to Tina Turner, Hartman is able to persuade her subjects to let their guard down and allow their true selves to shine through the film.

Take a sneak peek at the photos from the book in the gallery above.

Incomparable Couples, $49.50, amazon.com.