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G-Eazy is Your Romantic Rapper

G-Eazy opens up about his most vulnerable album yet, The Beautiful & Damned

“There are highs and lows,” says rapper and producer G-Eazy, referring to his ever-growing musical success and celebrity status. That duality is the subject of his forthcoming third studio album The Beautiful & Damned—that, and the overindulgent lifestyle that comes with it. “There are distractions that come along with the dream like, not to be cliché but, being surrounded by liquor, sex and drugs 24/7 and leaning on some of those things too much,” he says. “The album’s about waking up one day and realizing that things have gone way too far.”

G-Eazy, born Gerald Earl Gillum, has been chasing the fantasy of making music since he was a kid growing up in California’s Bay Area. The spirited rapper fully realized his musical dream in New Orleans during college, as well as his love for whiskey, which recently blossomed into a partnership with Stillhouse Whiskey. His rebellious image jibes well with the unique nature of Stillhouse, offering an authentic pairing.

Following the success of his last album When It’s Dark Out, G-Eazy took a moment to look at himself and ask, “Am I still Gerald?”

With its already released chart-topping single “No Limit” featuring Cardi B and A$AP Rocky, The Beautiful & Damned seems destined for success thanks to G-Eazy’s existentialism and self-reflection.

“It’s difficult telling personal stories on a hugely public platform,” he admits. “But, that’s the duty of an artist, to be vulnerable and get naked in front of an audience.”

As far as getting personal goes, G-Eazy can’t help but giggle when I mention his girlfriend and fellow artist Halsey. “Halsey is … my girlfriend, and I’m really excited for her and proud of her,” he says. “She works harder than any artist I’ve ever met in life,” he says, before correcting himself. “She works harder than anyone I’ve ever met in life. I love to support her.” Listeners can expect a track to feature Halsey, one that G-Eazy describes as “a Romeo and Juliet, star-crossed lovers, Bonnie and Clyde type of song.” He adds of his talented girlfriend, “She sounds incredible on it. She has a really unique voice and it’s effortless. She’s very powerfully her.”

With authentic collaborators and artistic risks, G-Eazy is pushing the envelope with this new album, while staying true to his introspective spirit.

The Beautiful & Damned is available December 15, 2017.

Main image credit: Bobby Bruderle