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Kyle Dean Massey Answers Our Questions

Broadway’s new Pippin on bad days, back flips and his favorite sound

Stepping into the title role of the Tony Award-winning production of Pippin—currently running on Broadway—has been a serious learning curve for Kyle Dean Massey.

“I really love doing the show, but it’s hard work,” says Massey, an Arkansas native making his fourth turn on Broadway. “I’m used to working with Broadway actors, but half of this cast is made up of real acrobats with a circus background.”

That meant developing some interesting new skills.

“Throwing knives is the weirdest thing I’ve picked up,” he says. “That’s a pretty crazy skill to have. I also never thought I could do a back flip, so I’m pretty proud of myself.”

But there’s more to Massey than blade tossing and contortions. Below, we subject the actor to our DuJour questionnaire.

The Pippin stage

What was the best day of your life?

I don’t think I’ve had it yet. I’ve had lots of really great days, but nothing that comes out that far ahead of any others. I’m still waiting.

The worst?

I don’t think it’s fit to print. How about I just take all of the bad things—deaths in the family, break ups—and put them together to make one bad day?

If you could spend a day in someone else’s shoes, who would it be?

It would have to be an astronaut or someone on the International Space Station. I went to space camp as a kid, and I think it would be incredible to see our world from that point of view. Plus, I could put my back flips to good use!

What’s your favorite hour of the day?

It’s definitely the hour when I wake up and make coffee. That’s my favorite thing to do. I use whole espresso beans and grind them myself. Hearing the water boil is my favorite sound.

If you could relive any day in history, what would it be?

There are so many amazing plays I would have loved to see on opening night, like The Glass Menagerie, Death of a Salesman or Our Town. It would be incredible to attend the first public showing of a masterpiece that I hold dear.

Did you break a sweat today?

Not yet, but it’s coming.

What was the best conversation you’ve had today?

You’re the first person I’ve spoken to, so this is it.

If you had to wear a uniform every day, what would it be?

That’s easy: a white V-neck and Levis.



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