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The Most Beautiful Thing in the World Today: Chandeliers

The Met Opera celebrates 50 years of playing host to Lobmeyr’s crystal creations

Since 1823 Lobmeyr has been known for their exceptional light design and craftsmanship. And in 1966 twelve of their chandeliers debuted to the New York Metropolitan Opera’s first audience, and welcomed the establishment’s first standing ovation as the Starburst Chandeliers from Vienna rose with the first curtain.

Lobmeyr’s Met Chandelier


Designed by Hans Harald Rath and inspired by Edward K. Harrisson, the Met’s architect, the Met series remains Lobmeyr’s bestselling line and is still in production in Vienna.  The Chandeliers are star-shaped, polished brass with cut glass crystal and glittering groups of crystal pearls, and are a part of the first project of this size to incorporate Crystals from Swarovski. The fixtures, especially the seven crystal chandeliers that span just over 80 feet across the Met’s foyer, are as recognizable and magnificent as they were on the day of their presentation 50 years ago.