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Meet Playwright Clare Barron

The playwright, director and actor presents a new play, “Shhhh,” at the Atlantic Theater Company this winter

The Yale-educated playwright Clare Barron hails from Wenatchee, Washington, but has made a huge splash on the theater scene in New York. Her most recent play, Dance Nation, was a finalist for the 2019 Pulitzer Prize, so theater lovers are champing at the bit for her latest project, Shhhh, which she directs and stars in  at the Atlantic Theater Company’s Stage 2 (on through February 20). Barron says she’s only selectively appeared in her own work on stage. “I usually only do it when there’s a strong autobiographical or personal connection to the character. In this case, the play is a kind of catharsis for me,” she explains. “I find it a lot of fun, and actually, weirdly less stressful than sitting in the audience.”

Clare Barron and Greg Keller in "Shhhh"

Clare Barron and Greg Keller in “Shhhh”