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Attend Manhattan’s Most Glamorous Halloween Party

Costumes aren’t optional at The McKittrick Hotel

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This weekend, celebrate Halloween at Inferno, The McKittrick Hotel’s cinematic annual Halloween party, where costumes aren’t optional and tickets come with a warning that “guests enter entirely at their own risk.” The faux hotel is the home of famed immersive theater experience Sleep No More, as well as a sultry jazz lounge, cozy rooftop bar and upscale restaurant.

In addition to its annual Halloween bash, The McKittrick hosts a monthly party inspired by glamorous classic films. Supercinema, as the party series is called, makes you feel like you’ve stepped onto the confetti-covered set of a Baz Luhrmann movie. Past themes have included 1996’s Romeo + Juliet film, The Emerald City Ball, The Great Gatsby, James Bond and The Mad Hatter’s Ball.

This year, Supercinema and Inferno will combine in a Halloween party unlike any before. The theme? Golden Age Hollywood Horror films, where guests can choose to dress in costume inspired by early 1900s classics like Dracula, Frankenstein, The Invisible Man, The Mummy, The Creature From The Black Lagoon and more. The indulgent experience includes live musical guests and an open bar. For an even more VIP evening, you can purchase tickets that include a viewing of Sleep No More, a Sumptuous Supper at the decadent restaurant, front of the line privileges and access to Max’s Green Room, an exclusive bar, for the entirety of the night. Here, take a peek inside past Supercinema parties, and get ready for the McKittrick’s eeriest event yet. 

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