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Behind the Exhibit: LIFEWTR

Meet the emerging female artists featured on these captivating water bottle labels

If you find yourself shopping for bottled water in the next few months, keep an eye out for the labels on LIFEWTR, a premium bottled water with a mission to start a cultural conversation while putting the spotlight on three new artists. A few months back the company released their Series 1 bottle labels, featuring designs from emerging artists in the public space. Just a few days ago they announced that Series 2 will be featuring designs from three emerging female artists. 

LIFEWTR Series 2

PepsiCo introduced LIFEWTR in February 2017 as a purified water that is pH balanced with electrolytes and now, ever-changing bottle labels. The designs are aimed to provide exposure for creatives from across the globe working in fashion, fine arts, photography and more. Also, to turn every LIFEWTR bottle into a conversation about something such as advancing women in the arts.

“It’s important to democratize art and make it accessible for everyone,” says Olga Osminkina-Jones, the Vice President of Global Marketing for PepsiCo’s Hydration Portfolio. “Especially if we can showcase these talented female artists and give them a platform for their voice, we should.” 

Female artists make up only 3-5% of major permanent collections in the United States and Europe. In order to increase this percentage, visibility has to improve. And with approximately 20 billion bottle labels expected to hit the shelves over the next few months, LIFEWTR has taken a huge step in providing a platform for female artists to be discovered. 

The artists selected for LIFEWTR were chosen through a careful vetting process in partnership with key tastemakers in the art world. The three women featured in Series 2 hail from across the globe and bring a fresh outlook to the world of art. “We admire the fact that these women are a diverse group of innovative thinkers–contributing unique and fresh forms of art to the world,” says Todd Kaplan, Vice President of PepsiCo North America’s Water Portfolio. “They have the potential to influence culture in an impactful and positive way, and it’s important we celebrate women in the arts and provide them with a platform to gain exposure and showcase and inspirational outlook.” 

Trudy Benson

Series 2 artists include Trudy Benson, a New York-based artist known for her large-scale textured paintings. “I love being included in a community of such powerful female artists,” she says. “The art community should be accessible to everyone and I think this series helps to achieve that.” When you see her LIFEWTR bottle, notice the texture that jumps right off the label.

Lynnie Z

The second artist, Lynnie Z, is based in London, England and is celebrated for her distinct style and high energy. The subjects of her art are usually female, but always have an air of mystery and intrigue. You will be able to pick out abstract female facial characteristics on her LIFEWTR label.

The third artist included in Series 2 is Adrienne Gaither, a visual artist out of Washington D.C. known for exploring identity and challenging ideologies. The patriotic stripes across her label reflect her interest in political history. 

Adrienne Gaither

LIFEWTR Series 2 bottles are now available in the United States. For more information on the artists and the series’ mission, visit lifewtr.com.