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Must Listen: Indie Rockers COIN

We caught up with the Nashville-based band after the release of their newest single “Growing Pains”

From recently wrapping a headlining tour to nabbing a late-night television gig on Last Call With Carson Daly, indie pop band Coin (stylized as “COIN”) are riding a wave of musical success. With the buzz from “Talk Too Much,” the lead single from the Nashville-bred band’s 2017 album How Will You Know If You Never Try, came a larger tour and bigger venues. “I don’t think I quite got the hang of it until the very end,” frontman Chase Lawrence says. “We were playing rooms that were like, twice or three times the size of what we’ve played in the past. It takes a lot more energy.”

Most recently, the band released the single “Growing Pains,” originally an outtake from How Will You Know If You Never Try that Lawrence says finally came together, fittingly enough, in a place that can lead to literal growing pains: the gym. [“Growing Pains”] was this nebulous song that existed on my computer for a long time before we distilled it down to a three-minute thing,” Lawrence says. “But [while we were on tour] our guitarist Joe and I went into this hotel’s exercise room and just lifted free-weights and wrote the lyrics. It felt like exactly where we were in our career and our lives. We don’t want to get any older but we don’t want to die.”

Despite its roundabout release, the song has become an instant classic among Lawrence’s electrified audiences, who, he says, seemingly knew all the lyrics immediately. “I’ve never seen something unfold so fast, right before my eyes. I don’t know where it’s going to go from here but it was really exciting to watch,” he says. With new music on the horizon (this summer, hopefully) and some festivals already booked including BottleRock Napa Valley and Reading and Leeds, the boys of Coin are sure to continue their growth spurt. Watch the band perform “Growing Pains” on Last Call With Carson Daly below.