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Video Premiere: “Neon Circus” by Amber Run

Watch the vivid visual for this British indie band’s latest single and feel alive

Live music can be unifying, freeing, cathartic, and seriously euphoric. Think about it, an entire crowd of mostly strangers comes together to celebrate the same sounds while standing shoulder-to-shoulder (or, on top of shoulders if you’re lucky).

The video for indie rock outfit Amber Run’s third single “Neon Circus,” off their upcoming album Philophobia (September 27), showcases the ecstasy that live music can really provide, if you’re willing to accept. The visual switches between two versions of the band performing: one is vibrant, energetic, and uninhibited while the other is lifeless, stale, and uninspired.

“This portrays how we as people can act subdued, or conform when we know that people or society are watching us, instilling some kind of paralysis by fear; versus the fearless, expressive performance bursting with energy and colours,” the video’s director Sam Kinsella says. The song itself is a call to action to embrace human connection and fully engage yourself in your life, especially when live music is involved.

“We wanted to show you how stark the difference can be between real-life happening in front of you and the lifeless copy we so often choose. For the sake of what? Ease? Live music is amazing – go out and witness it,” Amber Run says of their latest video.

Watch the official video for Amber Run’s “Neon Circus” below and get Philophobia on September 27.