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Garrett Clayton is an Actor, Dancer and Donut Centerfold

Following his @DUDESxDONUTS collaboration, the Hairspray Live! star talks upcoming roles, the 90’s, and Krispy Kreme

For the uninitiated, @DUDESxDONUTS is a recently launched Instagram zine serving a millennial pink motif, 90’s vibes, and – you guessed it – men suggestively posing with donuts. Their most recent recruit is Garrett Clayton, star of Hairspray Live! and King Cobra, who recently dipped into 90’s nostalgia himself by playing boy band member in the viral short film Back to the Nineties. While he may be known for his bubblegum good looks, Clayton’s edgy upcoming projects – Between Worlds, a dystopian thriller starring Nicolas Cage and teen suicide dramedy Reach – promise to reveal his darker side. But for now, donut connoisseurs and sharp jawline aficionados alike can simply feast their eyes on his newly-released @DUDESxDONUTS feature, and our Q&A with the actor, below.

You recently played a boy band singer in Back to the 90’s. Did you have a favorite boy band/boy band member growing up? 

N’Sync was pretty great, but I can’t say I ever had a favorite boy band member. But that didn’t stop me from singing their songs while I was driving around town with friends. Haha!

Besides boy bands, what’s something you’re nostalgic for from the 90s? 

Oh, definitely Snick! on Nickelodeon. Those were good times… All That and Rugrats!

We hear you’re shooting Between Worlds – what’s that shoot been like or what are you looking forward to about it? 

We actually finished filming in Alabama about 3 weeks ago. It was a cool experience. I’m looking forward to people seeing my character in this movie. Mike is so different from me–and from other characters I’ve played. We had a great time shooting!

Can you briefly describe the plot of Between Worlds and your role in the film? 

Between Worlds is about a mother whose daughter is possessed by another woman. My character, Mike, is the daughter’s friend, and he’s very protective of – and into – her. He’s a crotch-rocket riding, drug-selling guy who has had a rough life, but ultimately works to redeem himself.

Favorite donut shop in LA (or anywhere)? 

Krispy Kreme! I’ve been going there my whole life and love showing up when the red light is on for free donuts. And I remember that, for every A you got on your report card, you got a free donut.