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Rabble-rousing rocker Courtney Love has a lot to say—but here, her handwriting does most of the talking

With a last name like Love, it seems almost too fitting that singer-songwriter, actress and artist Courtney Love would operate based on a heart-centric mentality. But judging by the latent messages her handwriting sends, the rock superstar does just that—though it might be something she’s changing. After the words “Rule to Live By,” Love crosses out the symbol of a heart, perhaps indicating that earlier in her life, her “rule” was to follow her own heart, explains Toronto-based graphology expert Annette Poizner. “That’s not a successful way to live. However, if she adheres to the sensibility she describes in this quote, she could become a great role model for other emotional, sensitive types,” says Poizner. The 48-year-old Hole vocalist and guitarist—whose writing demonstrates intelligence and musical skill—calls the quote, originally spoken by actress Jacqueline Bisset, “the wisest thing I have ever heard.” What does it mean to Love, exactly? “It means that age is not an issue, nor are looks,” says the musician. “It means that character is the most important part of being sexy or being youthful and of standing for something.”

See her handwriting dissected, below:


1. People who have an innate musical skill often form letters that look like musical symbols, like the f and d seen here.

2. Her letters vary greatly in size—the variability usually suggests an emotional, sensitive type.

3. Notice the elegant, whimsical way she forms her letters and connections—it’s a sign of above-average intelligence and fluidity of thought.

4. The big presentation of her signature and her handwriting in general is characteristic of someone who enjoys being the center of attention.

5. See the wide spacing between words? She has difficulty connecting with others and difficulty linking her unruly emotional process to logic and intellect.

6. She uses a combination of print and script, which is a sign that she’s a skilled writer—and it might even be her calling.

7. Love’s dominant middle zone may indicate she’s an extroverted people person with an interest in psychology and learning about what makes people tick.