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The Most Beautiful Thing in the World Today: The Blue Moon Diamond

An incredibly rare diamond makes its public debut

A diamond is forever, as the saying goes, and the Blue Moon diamond is no exception. At a billion years old, this rare gem has stood the test of time and boasts a unique blue color that’s out of this world. The uncut, nearly 30-carat stone, which was unearthed in South Africa in January, was acquired for approximately $26 million by diamond-maker Cora International and cut down to 12 carats.

“Fancy vivid blue diamonds are extremely rare and the Blue Moon is no exception” said Suzette Gomes, CEO of Cora International, in a release. “It is a historic stone that is one of the rarest gems with this color and in this size to be found in recent history. After seeing the stone’s color and understanding its significance, it was fitting to name it The Blue Moon Diamond as not only is its shape reminiscent of a full moon, but the metaphor for the expression is exactly what one could say about the occurrence and existence of such a gemstone.”

The blue-hued beauty will be on display in a temporary exhibition at The Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County from September 12 through January 6. 


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