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The Ultimate Guide for Art Collectors

Experts reveal the best ways to score your next masterpiece

Calling all art aficionados! From exquisite paintings to stunning antique collectibles, DuJour has inside access to the best exhibitions, curators and more. Below, read up on the year’s top artists and must-visit galleries—then discover helpful buying tips from industry experts.

10 Things to Know About Buying Art
A Sotheby’s art guru—who’s been with the company for 20 years—shares his insider secrets with DuJour.

On Display: “X”
Artist Felix R. Cid creates incredible works of art from his music festival photographs.

Home Is Where the Art Is
From street art-inspired paintings to wood pieces to glittering DIY mosaics, summer is the season to brighten up your living space.  

How to Buy a Masterpiece
As major fairs continue cropping up this month, we turn to an art world veteran for tips on bringing home the piece of a lifetime.

The Revenge of Robert Indiana
When critics turned their backs, the pop artist abandoned the New York scene. Now, a look at his comeback. 

The Art of the Table
A French porcelain company celebrates 150 years of business by releasing a series of artist-designed plates.

Peter Shire: Icon in the Remaking
The L.A. artist, a perennial face of Postmodernism, is being discovered by a new generation of fans.

My First Piece of Art: Mark Mothersbaugh
L.A. artist Bob Zoell was a source of inspiration for the Devo co-founder, prolific composer and artist.

The Unexpected Art Gallery
From Greenwich to Santa Fe, local artists are finding a new home for their work—in chic boutique hotels.

Art Intrigue with Marc Jacobs
We caught up with the designer at the Free Arts NYC Art Auction to ask about the newest piece on his wall and what his eye’s on next. 

My First Piece of Art: Drew Barrymore
The actress finds inspiration in the art of the everyday. Her first book of photography, Find It in Everything, comes out this month.

My First Piece of Art: Daniel Boulud
As the French chef toasts the 20th anniversary of his NYC restaurant, he shares the story of the first painting he ever owned. 

Maria Brito Perfects the Wearable Piece of Art
The middle ground between a T-shirt and the accessory you’re afraid to remove from its glass case. Plus: The most elegant way to sell your art—if you must.

Mikhail Baryshnikov’s First Big Art Purchase
The world-renowned Russian dancer explains why this avant-garde piece spoke to him.