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A Miami Store You Need to Know About Now

A new Romero Britto gallery and concept store will be opening soon

Romero Britto and his vibrant art have become symbolic of Miami—although he’s anything but domestic, with a calendar that has recently included travels to China, Italy, England and beyond for shows and projects. He’ll even be at the opening ceremony of the Olympics in his native Brazil, and as an official ambassador he had the chance to carry the torch as it passed through his home city of Recife in June.

Travels aside, Britto still calls Miami his home, and will soon be expanding his ubiquitous presence in the city with two new storefronts on Lincoln Road. Britto has occupied a traditional art gallery on the famous pedestrian mall for the past 21 years, and he will be moving that gallery to a larger space at 1102 Lincoln Road. As for the second storefront, it will be a concept store which will sell Britto collectibles. “I’ve been thinking, for quite a while, to open my Britto store to sell collectibles and limited editions, and it was a great moment to do it because of the new location. It was just perfect timing to do it,” says Britto. “It’s a perfect place to be there on Lincoln Road.”

Both projects are scheduled to open their doors some time in August.