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Inside a Sweet and Sparkling Holiday Celebration

Fine jewelry boutique Misahara opened it’s doors to celebrate the season with candlemaker Cire Trudon

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In celebration of the holiday season, Misahara jewelry opened the doors of its Plaza Hotel store and invited VIP guests to embark on a sensory journey of sorts. This tasting for the eyes and nose paired colorful, glittering displays of Misahara jewels with candles from Cire Trudon. The revered French candlemaker is the oldest in the world, and poured beeswax candles for the Royal Family as far back as 1643. Today, the candles are handmade with vegetable wax and essential oils, with complex and luxurious scents evoking three themes—Royal, Religious and Revolutionary. A selection of Cire Trudon candles will be available for purchase through the holidays at the Misahara boutique.