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Slip into Something More Elegant with Kevyn Wynn

Wear them to dance the night away or to run errands—your call

Kevyn Wynn’s ultra-comfortable new line of cocktail slippers aren’t just for lounging around the mansion.

“They’re not just slippers,” Wynn says of her handmade-in-Italy collection, which includes The Zoe, a denim-and-leather design named after her daughter. “I’ll wear the blue denim ones out shopping.” 

The velvet, denim and linen backless shoes, all named after prominent women in Wynn’s life (including her chic mother Elaine), feature elegant designs that Wynn herself drew on fabric. 

“You know when you open Architectural Digest and they show you people’s homes?” Wynn says. “Those people are entertaining in their homes. And when they entertain, there are a lot of women like me who don’t want to wear outside shoes inside their homes with their beautiful fabrics, rugs and floors.”

The line started when Wynn, daughter of Las Vegas casino mogul Steve Wynn, wanted to create slippers for herself and Zoe, now 11.

Cocktail slippers by Kevyn Wynn

Cocktail slippers by Kevyn Wynn

“She’s very much a fashionista, much more so than me,” says Wynn, who spent more than 15 years working for her father’s Mirage Resorts, eventually overseeing design and merchandising of private-label fashion and home products at the hotels. “I wanted to inspire her. The day we got all the samples back from Italy, she opened up the box and she put them all on the floor in front of the couch. We looked at each other, and they were so beautiful. We started high-fiving and dancing around the room.”

These slippers, in fact, are made for dancing, even on the biggest night of your life. 

“We have several pairs that would be perfect for a bride,” Wynn says. “When you’re dancing all night and your feet are killing you and you take off your heels, these are the perfect slippers to put on. They’re a mule and you just slip in and they’re soft and they’re not too high. But if you got photographed with these on, they’re still beautiful.”

Wynn is also working on after-golf slippers for women and a men’s line.

“My father has been dying for me to make him a pair,” Wynn says.

Kevyn Wynn slippers, $275-$295, kevynwynn.com