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Daniella Kronfle: A True Sparkler

Diamonds are definitely this jewelry designer’s best friend

The daughter of a prominent jewelry designer, Daniella Kronfle grew up surrounded by diamonds. The exposure must have worn off as Kronfle has not only founded her own fine jewelry collection—now 10 years old—but serves as an official tiara maker for beauty pageants.

This over-the-top glamour is just one of her many facets. “I’m experimenting with different gold tones and opaque stone combinations, like onyx and tiger’s eye with diamonds and sapphires,” says Kronfle, who also suggests mixing and matching her bangles in rose gold and champagne diamonds. “There are no rules on mixed materials anymore.”

Daniella Kronfle

In fact, there is little that her unconventional jewelry doesn’t complement. Although her Florence training lends itself to Old World techniques, she has fully embraced the 21st century by launching a smartphone app for clients to customize charms for bespoke pieces. 

36 NE 1st Street, suite 134; daniellakronfle.com