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New York’s Exclusive Plastic Surgery Club

This members-only beauty boutique is seriously selective

The latest “club” in New York City doesn’t have a line or velvet rope at the door, but it does require a membership to get in. 

Sub Rosa Concierge Aesthetics, a private cosmetic surgery boutique spearheaded by certified plastic surgeon Dr. Sonita Sadio, offers Botox injections, collagen fillers and more for the lucky few who make it into the books. And all treatments are included with a membership, which is by referral only. 

Sadio’s inspiration stems from her desire to offer an anti-aging maintenance plan to combat one-off or sporadic cosmetic surgery treatments.

“It’s about not waiting until problems come about to fix them, but to get ahead of the anti aging process. That, to me, is the way forward,” says Sadio. “We’re not going to wait until we’re 75 to get a facelift. We’re going to start with small tweaks, little non-invasive therapies starting earlier and on a regular basis. More like a fitness regimen than a fad diet.” 

For $600 per month, Sub Rosa members can leave their plastic surgery needs in expert hands. And while NYC has no shortage of beauty upkeep outposts, this “secret society for the face” stands out amongst the pack.

“What my practice offers is a strategy,” says Sadio. “I’m not promoting particular procedures. I’m not promoting particular treatments. I’m offering an anti-aging strategy for a lifetime.”