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Refillable Beauty and Skincare Products Are Better Than Ever

Top Beauty Tip: Fill ‘er Up

Reduce, reuse and refill your favorite skincare and makeup products

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A picture-perfect beauty shelfie boasts luxurious bottles of serum, shiny compacts and chic tubes of lipstick that could easily be mistaken for works of art. With high-end products designed to serve as luxe keepsakes, makeup and skincare brands have turned to refillable packaging that allows consumers to treasure their products while reducing unnecessary waste. “We realized that consumers are relying on brands to be responsible and expect them to innovate around products that have less impact on the environment,” says YSL Beauty’s scientific director, Caroline Negre. YSL Beauty, along with brands like La Prairie, Fenty Skin, Charlotte Tilbury, Valentino Beauty and Hourglass, have promised to prioritize more eco-friendly options within the makeup and skincare world without compromising quality. In addition to the environmental aspect, refillable beauty products have offered more personalization for customers, allowing consumers to create their own palettes, refill their beautiful compacts with new and exciting shades of product and really embrace the evolution of their beauty routines. “Whether it’s switching out shades for different occasions, interpreting various seasonal trends, or creating your own bespoke look, Curator is the ultimate vehicle for each person’s individual self-expression,” says Hourglass Founder & CEO Carisa Janes of the brand’s new customizable eyeshadow collection.

From refillable lipstick and eyeshadow palettes to face primers and body cream, our favorite new picks combine premium formulas with sustainable packaging. Click through the gallery above to discover our favorite refillable beauty products.