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Hair Trends From Dyson

New Hair Trends From 3 Celebrity Hair Stylists

Hair experts Jen Atkin, Jawara Wauchope, and Matthew Collins share their hair trends and tricks for 2021

With health and safety at the top of everyone’s list of priorities and more time spent at home, self-care is finally getting the attention it deserves in 2021. Part of staying healthy and safe is taking care of yourself in whatever ways that make you feel good. Maybe you’ve started taking daily supplements or you’ve finally made the time to organize your disastrous closet or you’ve treated yourself to a splurge item that will inevitably make your life a whole lot easier. If you’re a beauty and hair junkie you’ve probably seen the tutorials using the Dyson Airwrap Styler and been intrigued. It looks like magic. So, we spoke to a few hair experts about what hair trends to expect in 2021 and how we can make our lives easier with a few hair tricks and tips using Dyson devices. It is important to note that just because the Dyson Airwrap Styler looks awesome in action on TikTok, doesn’t mean it is really the best device for you and your hair needs. But, fear not, there are plenty of options.

The Dyson Airwrap Styler device itself is sleek, so simple to use, and the leather storage case makes me feel like I’m a celebrity hair stylist in my own bathroom. The Complete Styler includes two 1.2 inch barrels, two 1.6 inch barrels, a firm smoothing brush, a soft smoothing brush, a round volumizing brush, and a pre-styling dryer so you can give your hair a quick dry without needing to pull out another device. The soft smoothing brush is ideal for a quick, smooth look with minimal effort. The accessories can be switched out in seconds so you can smooth your hair and add in a few loose curls in no time at all. Jawara Wauchope says he loves the versatility of the styler and that it allows people to switch up their style depending on how they’re feeling each day. He adds that 2021 will be the year to showcase your creativity through your hair. “The Firm Smoothing Brush can be used to stretch out curls and waves, while the barrels and round brushes can be used to frame the face. In fact, hair can form a part of the new wardrobe essential.”

If the Complete Styler feels like overkill for you and you have curly hair, celebrity hairstylist and haircare entrepreneur Jen Atkin suggests the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer with Diffuser. The diffuser attachment will help define curls and waves by dispersing air around the hair more evenly. You’ll love your perfectly imperfect curls for 2021. “My must-have hair product to use with my Dyson Supersonic hair dryer is the L’Oréal Professional Densité thickening primer. It’s a light spray that helps plump the hair by giving it a bit of grit for pre-blow dry so your looks hold much longer,” celebrity hair stylist Matthew Collins adds.

For the most minimalist hair goddess, Collins recommends the Dyson Corrale straightener for creating sleek, trendy looks quickly. “Throw your hair up into a quick bun on top and leave a small piece on either side of your part out. Then use your Dyson Corrale or Airwrap to quickly give those pieces a soft curl. Now, you’ll have what everyone else sees as a casual updo, but you did it in two minutes,” Collins says of his go-to hair look when you have no time whatsoever. Collins adds that for an impromptu video call, a casual updo is the ideal hair style to execute but, for he is predicting that ’90s space buns will be one of the biggest hair trends of 2021. Think back to Britney Spears circa 1999, the Spice Girls, and most recently beauty icon Jennifer Lopez herself gave space buns a resurgence courtesy of hairstylist Chris Appleton.

Collins suggests that hair trends for 2021 will encourage people to be a little braver, bolder, and more experimental with their looks. Space buns can be achieved by parting the hair into a perfect center part before straightening with the Dyson Corrale straightener. Use a pin tail comb to help achieve the precise line of the center parting. Next, gather the hair into pigtails on either side of the head, leaving out small sections to frame the face, whilst combing the gathered hair to neaten any bunching or flyaways. Twist each pigtail around the base of the pigtail to achieve a bun on either side of the head. Fix in place with elastics and pins. Finally, straighten the front sections with the Dyson Corrale straightener, bending towards the face, for the perfect space buns.

While Collins predicts there will be some more adventurous hair trends this year, there is one trend he is ready to cut loose in 2021: the over-use of extensions. “For the most part, I love extensions for fullness or to add to a look, but they shouldn’t be the look. Embrace the hair you have and work with it, not against it,” he explains. Jen Atkin agrees adding that she predicts one of the top hair trends for 2021 will be the, “‘I woke up like this’ look–an effortless, natural, organic style with loose, unstructured movement.”

From embracing your natural curls (and allowing them to shine with the right diffuser) to getting a little playful with some nostalgic space buns, 2021 will be sure to bring us a slew of new hair trends to experiment with.