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I Meditated For 10 Days With Muse® 2

Here’s what happened when I finally centered myself using this wearable device

I wouldn’t say I’m a stressed out person, but I don’t have a ton of down time. I am fully capable of relaxing, but it can be challenging when your mind is jumping from task to task. In my defense, there is a lot to cover in one day, from work to friends to family to keeping up with the Kardashians. Personally, I’ve always basked in my busy schedule, almost audibly squealing as I cross things off my to-do list throughout the day. Despite those coveted feelings of elation, there are lingering moments when I can feel the pressure of my to-do list continuously growing with no signs of shrinking.

Though I’ve always preferred to be busy than not, lately I’ve noticed a trend focused around mindfulness and self-care. Friends of mine have recommended yoga after a life-altering stretch session and even modified diets in order to find a bit of balance. These life changes all sound beneficial in one way or another but my biggest concern remained: is there really enough time to balance myself?

Enter Muse® Meditation. It isn’t yoga and it isn’t time consuming. It does require you to wear a Star Trek-looking headband but, in my now-somewhat-balanced opinion, it is efficient for newbies looking to restore balance in their lives. Over the course of my ten-day immersion into meditation, I was skeptical and optimistic all at the same time. I made sure to sit down for at least three minutes (sometimes five, when I was feeling ambitious) every day and dedicate myself to my new Muse® 2. Although I don’t know if I have been converted to a daily meditator, I can confidently say I understand the hype about mindfulness and there are some undeniable perks that come along with being a little more aware of your body and mind.

Muse® 2

Muse® 2

Muse® was launched in 2014 as human-centric technology integrated into a brain sensing headband, providing users with the most advanced reactionary meditation device. Since then, Muse® has grown and evolved to include hundreds of thousands of Muse® users along with the acquisition of Meditation Studio, a company that provides more than 400 guided meditations and courses to users. The most recent milestone for Muse® is the introduction of Muse® 2, a personal meditation assistant that is truly revitalizing the self-care game. The newest product creates a new way to experience meditation, offering real-time feedback on body movement, heart rate, breathing and mental activity when wearing the Muse® 2 headband.

As an amateur meditator and a new Muse® user, it took me a few tries to figure out how to fit the headband on correctly to get accurate reactions. The newly designed headband is sleek and easy to adjust although it does require a few minutes of patience to test out the device to ensure it will give you the best results. Once you’re situated and have the Muse® Meditation app downloaded, you’ll want to find a comfortable seat. I typically chose to sit on my couch or on my bed with my head against the headboard. You don’t want to be too comfortable, because Muse® 2 will recognize this as too much stillness.

Muse® 2

Muse® 2

Mindful meditation, with the help of Muse® 2, helps to enhance your ability to focus, encourages your brain’s cognitive development and helps steady your breath, allowing you to remain calm in otherwise stressful situations. You’re able to choose the experience you prefer depending on what you’d like to focus most on. The device will measure motion shifts, fidgeting, your heart’s rhythm and more. Through the results gathered, you are able to see your activity and track your progress. Being able to compare sessions offered me tangible feedback that inspired me to want to meditate again. The feeling I had after a meditation session was similar to how I feel when I cross items off my to-do list.

Personally, when using Muse® 2, I found that during each of my three-minute sessions, even though I knew I had a laundry list of things to do (including laundry), I needed to make a decision to alter my mind-set so I was focusing on my current state. It can be challenging to forget your stresses and simply point your attention to your breath or the sound of birds chirping (there are various guided programs you can download, some feature birds, others have cityscapes, it all depends on what you prefer) but once you achieve that state of peace, you ultimately feel stronger, mentally and physically.

There have been other studies reported confirming that mindful meditation can help guide you from a distracted to a calm mind state, fight stress, improve posture and mental wellness and more.

Muse 2® is available now for $249 on choosemuse.com.