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6 Questions with a Celebrity Stylist

Jason Rembert on everything from a woman’s wardrobe secret weapon to the importance of underwear

When it’s your life’s work to make people look their very best, you become an encyclopedia of fashion knowledge. Here, stylist to the stars (Rita Ora is a top client) Jason Rembert shares a few precious nuggets of that very chic wisdom.

5 pieces that every woman should have in her wardrobe:

A black blazer for sure, a great pair of jeans (well fitted!), a white button up shirt, nude or black pumps—the higher the better—and lastly I would have one shiny piece. I think every woman should have one shiny piece, whether it is a fur coat, an embellished jacket or a really bright neon shoe. 

The number one formal occasion styling sin:

Not having the right undergarments! Undergarments are key. Some women say, ‘Hey I don’t want to wear spanks,’ or ‘Hey, I don’t want to wear a thong,’ but the right undergarments are the most important thing.

A trend that’s definitely on its way out:

Uggs. I think women have taken more heat in fashion and I think they notice themselves more. They want to be more fashionable. They want to be more dressed up. I don’t want to say casualwear in general, but I think definitely Ugg boots are out.

A trend you want to see more of now:

I’m loving the ‘70s trend. It’s very chic. It’s very clean. It’s very minimal.

The styling moment you’re most proud of:

My biggest styling moment would have to be Oscars weekend. I put so much into all three dresses. I feel like people don’t understand how hard it is to do a custom dress—how many fittings, how many meetings, how many times you look at the same fabric over and over again. It’s just so detailed.

The styling moment you most regret:

We did an awards show a few years ago, and the look was planned in advance and all altered. And I would say 15 minutes before walking out the door, the dress came in via messenger and our client was like, ‘No, I don’t want to wear that dress anymore. I want to wear that [other] dress.’ We made the dress happen…