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Accessory DuJour : Louis Vuitton’s Foulards D’Artistes Scarves

The brand upholds its street cred with three artful collaborations

Two years ago, Barack Obama was gifted a Ben Eine painting by the U.K. Prime Minister—a gesture that helped turn heads toward an underground London street artist best known for his alphabet lettering on the shop shutters of Brick Lane and Shoreditch. That artist is back in the mainstream limelight, this time thanks to Louis Vuitton’s latest Foulards D’Artistes collection—a set of collaborations between the French luxury brand and highly respected contemporary artists on the street scene.

Last season Aiko, RETNA and Os Geméos designed silk squares and stoles for Louis Vuitton inspired by their distinct aesthetics and personalities. For this collection, the fashion house invited three international artists to do the same: Indonesia’s Eko Nugroho, the French-Tunisian eL Seed and Ben Eine, aka EINE.

Today Louis Vuitton opens a textiles pop-up shop to celebrate the collaboration with EINE, who spent the weekend spray painting the space located on the ground floor at Selfridges. His scarf, which features his signature lettering, will sell exclusively at the pop-up along with a selection of the Louis Vuitton’s latest spring/summer 2013 accessories until July 1st.

From top to bottom: Designs by Eko Nugroho, eL Seed and EINE