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The Many Shades of Iris

A look at the evolving style of fashion icon (and newly minted movie star) Iris Apfel

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In the new documentary Iris, late filmmaker Albert Maysles delves into the life of Iris Apfel, the celebrated 93-year-old designer and fashion world mascot. And while many moviegoers might already be familiar with Apfel’s current incarnation—she’s the face of Kate Spade, a cocktail party fixture and an evergreen subject of magazine profileswhat might surprise them is the look the film takes into Apfel’s past. 

As an interior designer who worked on world-famous projects—including stints at the White House under nine presidents—Apfel, along with her husband Carl, traveled the globe searching for unique design elements, and she managed to pick up one-of-a-kind stunners for herself along the way. Here, we take in some of her most spectacular looks.