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A Designer’s Fashion Week Survival Kit

Tibi founder Amy Smilovic reveals what gets her through the most hectic time of the year

“When it comes to Fashion Week essentials, I’m all about fuel, comfort and ease,” says Tibi founder Amy Smilovic, who is prepping for the label’s twentieth runway show this season. “I have all of my routines—I try to balance what I need to stay healthy with a few treats for those long hours in the studio.” Here, Smilovic shares the top 11 things that will get her through the week of non-stop presentations and parties.

“Running around with a million things going on means I’m carrying everything I need with me at all times. This bag is not only the perfect size for all my stuff, but it’s beautiful, too.” Myriam Schaefer bowler bag, $5,770, thecorner.com

“My usual uniform consists of a blazer or a cozy sweater—pieces that are comfortable and not too overwrought. I stick to what I love for the Fashion Week mayhem.” Tibi cashmere pullover, $650, tibi.com

“Fashion Week or not, coffee is required. Smartwater keeps me hydrated and the Blueprint lemonade is a nice way to refresh throughout the day.”Hydration: La Colombe Coffee, lacolombe.com; Smartwater, drinksmartwater.com; Blueprint Juices, blueprintcleanse.com

“I love to pair a more feminine silhouette with a clean, sporty shoe. Plus, it doesn’t hurt to be wearing trainers when I’m running around getting things done for show time.” Saint Laurent leather sneakers, $575, mytheresa.com

“My beauty routine during Fashion Week is all about simplicity and keeping my skin as hydrated and healthy as possible.” Bobbi Brown soothing cleansing oil, $43, bobbirbowncosmetics.com; Labello lip balm, labello.sk

“You never know when inspiration will hit. With so many meetings, fittings and planning going on, it’s nice to have a quiet moment to sit and let my mind wander.” Sketchbook, barnesandnoble.com

“When the countdown to the runway is on, candy becomes an essential food group.”

“Some of my everyday usuals: Delfina Delettrez stacked jeweled ring, Paige Novick diamond bars, Repossi ear cuff, Anita Ko for Tibi diamond crescent, a Gaydamak diamond hand cuff and a vintage watch.”