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A Multi-Sensory Art Installation Opens in Brooklyn

#TheFutureSeries, hosted by B&O PLAY, is a must-see, interactive experience

A multi-sensory experience from performance architect Alex Schweder has taken residence at A/D/O, a creative work space opening in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. This is the second event in the public arts and cultural program called #TheFutureSeries hosted by B&O PLAY, the sister brand to high-end, luxury audio brand Bang & Olfusen. The series is a way for B&O PLAY to showcase experimental and contemporary creations with unique technologies.

#TheFutureSeries Presented by B&O PLAY

This exhibit features three large-scale, interactive works celebrating design, movement and innovation, including an inflatable hotel room on a scissor lift. If you’re feeling brave, take the 30-foot ride up in the air in The Hotel Rehearsal and enjoy the exceptional views of Brooklyn.

Schweder’s The Sound and the Future is made of metallic vinyl and faux fur and powered by fan-blown air. While taking on life and movement, this “architectural robot” pays homage to the birth of techno in 1980s Detroit.

Don’t miss Friable Aperture, a mesmerizing piece inspired by the possibility of “buildings that perform themselves”.  The misting, cyclical loop of ever-changing shapes and patterns will be a treat for your senses.

Check out #TheFutureSeries presented by @beoplay on October 21, 22 and 23 at A/D/O (29 Norman Avenue, Brooklyn).