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6 Apps to Help You Succeed at Work

Leadership expert Claudia Chan breaks down the top self-care apps that translate into a job well done

If you’ve ever felt tired, stressed or just generally rundown while at work, you’re not imagining the fact that your out of sorts attitude is affecting your office performance. According to leadership expert Claudia Chan, one of the best ways to get ahead in the workplace is to practice the art of self-care.

“To me, self-care is three things: physical care, meaning diet and exercise; psychological care, meaning healthy thoughts and what we’re feeding our minds; and financial care, or making sure that you’re setting up a smart system for yourself,” explains Chan. “When these three areas are prioritized, a person’s career potential is limitless.”

Below, Chan breaks down six apps that you can download right now to jump-start the process.

Bloom: Create Mantras and Remind Yourself of Them

The Bloom positive mantra app

One of the things that you need to cultivate is self-confidence. We can only become what we believe. That dream that you have—whether it be to start a business, become a CEO or change the world with your nonprofit—will require a relentless belief in yourself. When you pursue anything that’s courageous, when you take risks, you just have to believe that your dream is possible. To do this, I write mantras. In the Bloom app, you write a mantra and it will pop up [on your phone]. You can even put them in a specific order. Find positive quotes and messages, and then set a reminder think about them. The power of the mind is incredible.

Bloom, itunes.com 

Yoga Glo: Get Up and Move Throughout the Day

The Yoga Glo fitness app

After a workout class, your energy is completely transformed. You have to get up for your own mental health. It’s so important to have those breaks in the day. Sometimes inspiration isn’t going to hit you when you’re writing an article or trying to come up with the next great idea to bring to a meeting. So I use Yoga Glo. It has all kinds of meditations, and I can get in 15 minutes of yoga flow. Anytime I get stuck, I just get up and move.

Yoga Glo, itunes.com 

LearnVest: Save Money and Budget

The LearnVest finance app

The LearnVest app makes budget tracking and financial goal monitoring incredibly simple and convenient, especially since I can use it on the go on my iPhone. It’s so amazing for tracking my cash spends, because it’s easy to forget where you are really putting your money. The app comes in handy for that!

LearnVest, itunes.com

iTalk: Get Ideas Down

The iTalk message recording app

When inspiration hits, honor it. Sometimes you have the best ideas when you’re lying in bed or in the car. I have an app called iTalk where I just hit record and get down my thoughts. I can capture all of my notes, because it’s such a shame to miss a great idea. Journaling is also a really good way to get your thoughts out of your head. I love that.

iTalk, itunes.com

HeadSpace: Meditate

The HeadSpace meditation app

I met the team behind HeadSpace at Arianna Huffington’s Thrive conference. They do a “Take 10,” which is 10 minutes of meditation. I love to listen to the meditations before I go to bed at night. Rinse out a million things that happened that day and prepare yourself to have amazing, beautiful dreams. We need to create space for new ideas to come in. People just have incessant self-talk sometimes, and we need to clear our minds. Then you can begin your next day super refreshed.

HeadSpace, itunes.com

Evernote: Organize Your Life

The Evernote organization app

I live and breathe Evernote. I organize my entire life there! I have a notebook that’s called Health and Diet. I have one called Happiness—just joyful and fun things, like where I want to travel with my husband. I even have one for recipes that I love and another for favorite articles. And I can access it anywhere. It’s truly a great way to organize your personal and professional life. You can also keep your contacts in there. It’s easy to forget who you even know! Life gets busier and we need all of these tools to lead optimally and live optimally.

Evernote, itunes.com