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Gadget DuJour : When Furniture Designers Do Fitness

Technogym introduces an elegant way to exercise—and Tweet while doing it

You’ve probably never described a piece of exercise equipment as “gorgeous,” but then again, you probably haven’t yet laid eyes on a machine created by an Italian furniture designer. The just-launched Cross Personal, from Italian-based health and wellness company Technogym, aims to be both a crosstrainer and a sleek design accessory. It’s a concept seamlessly executed by contemporary furniture designer Antonio Citterio, who created the Cross Personal and other previously released machines in Technogym’s “Personal” range.

“The pieces are designed specifically for residences,” says Citterio. “People today don’t have enough down time on their hands, so we understood the need to create a product line which exists perfectly in a home environment,giving people the luxury of being able to workout at any time of the day.”

But the Cross Personal isn’t just beautiful, it’s also the first-ever web-enabled crosstrainer. Built into the machine is an iPad-like touchscreen that allows users to watch TV, browse the internet, check email—and even Tweet—while working out. The machine functions like a traditional elliptical, using fluid motions that put minimal pressure on joints. It retails for $8,995 (plus shipping, installation and tax) at Technogym.com.