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Room Request! The Inn Above Tide

Inside Sausalito’s hidden coastal gem that offers stunning panoramic views

The Inn Above Tide is a resplendent sanctuary in Sausalito, California. A coastal getaway just north of San Francisco across the Golden Gate Bridge, the waterfront boutique property stuns with panoramic views of the San Francisco Bay, Alcatraz, Angel Island and the Tiburon Peninsula. Each of the 31 rooms and suites have been custom designed and decorated in warm earth tones and each features its own private balcony with picturesque views of the city’s skyline (nearly every room also boasts a fireplace and spacious soaking tub). The property is owned and operated by the McDevitt family—it was redesigned and turned into a boutique hotel in 1995.

This year, the property debuted two new lavish suites, the Founder’s Suite and the City Lights Suite and both have that wonderful feeling of a cozy pied-à-terre on the Bay. There is no better place to enjoy a glass of wine than in the freestanding spa tub overlooking the water and the city lights beyond. In fact, we didn’t even leave our hotel for meals (if we did, we’d suggest Sushi Ran, sustainable seafood eatery Fish or the Mexican restaurant Copita) as we didn’t want to abandon such a wonderful view. All of the rooms feature decks with glass railings which allow for uninterrupted water views.

If you do feel inclined to venture about from the property, take a leisurely stroll around the shops and galleries of downtown Sausalito or a morning hike up into the hills for a bird’s eye view of the San Francisco Bay. Borrow one of the hotel’s loaner bicycles for a ride to Heath Ceramics for a tour of their original Sausalito factory or head to Sea Trek Kayak for a kayaking or stand-up paddle-boarding class. And don’t forget to stop by the hotel’s Drawing Room in the afternoon for the daily wine and cheese reception featuring Napa and Sonoma wines.

We spoke with Kass Green, one of the hotel’s owners, about the property and what makes it so special.

What’s the most requested room at the property?

The new Founder’s Suite and City Lights Suite.

What makes it so special?

Well, of course the views, which can’t be found anywhere else. But what I find the most special is the sense of serenity. The minute you close your door, you enter a different world of water, bay sounds and calmness. The décor of the rooms purposely enhances the feeling of peacefulness, and the staff are so warm and friendly. You just feel so well cared for. When I enter a room, I open the deck door, close my eyes, take a big breath of marine air, and let the tranquility surround me.

What is the nightly rate/rate range for this room?

The Founder’s suite is $1,685 per night. The City Lights Suite is $1,755.

What’s an interesting tidbit about the hotel that speaks to its status as an icon?

Every single room puts you right on the Bay with stunning views across to San Francisco. I have travelled the world and stayed in many beautiful hotels, but you can’t get a view as spectacular as ours anywhere else in the world. It never ceases to amaze me and it is always changing throughout the day and from day to day.  We had friends staying at the hotel once, and I told them they should go hiking in the Marin Headlands. Their reply was “Can’t get off the deck.” Once you get into your room, there is no reason to leave it.

What’s your personal favorite room? Why?

Since the remodel, it’s a toss up between the Vista Suite and the City Lights Suite.   The Vista Suite has always been my favorite because of its 200 degree plus view of the San Francisco and the Bay Area. Now that view has been enhanced and the room is even more beautiful as a result of Antonio Martin’s interior design. The new City Lights Suite has the same corner room views, but because it is on the first floor, there is the addition of being right on the water with a see-through fireplace, for snuggling up on the deck and enjoying the view. And Martin’s décor is once again outstanding.

What’s your favorite design element on property?

The new artwork in all of the rooms is very distinctive. Curated by local artist Julie Coyle, each room has one or more unique pieces of artwork that Julie specifically chose or created for the room. It’s pretty amazing and something you don’t find in most hotels. My favorite is the 3D piece over the fireplace in the Founder’s Suite that at first looks like it is fashioned from feathers, but when you look at it closely, you discover that it’s created from tiny cut strips of an old atlas.

What special perk or amenity do you offer that no one knows about?

Well, guests know about this, but the coloring book is a pretty special perk! It is so much fun and really captures the uniqueness of  Sausalito and the hotel. Also, the orange juice served with the breakfast is fresh squeezed every morning at the hotel and it’s delicious.

One more fun fact about the property?

Before my father built the hotel building in 1960s, the site was a machine shop that serviced the ferries travelling between San Francisco and Sausalito. In those days Sausalito was a rough and tumble town. If you look at the brick wall outside the bathtub in the City Lights Suite you can just make out the old paint from a sign of  the machine shop which says “No tools loaned.” I just think that’s hilarious, and such a good reminder of the richness of Sausalito’s history. My dad built the building and founded the hotel. He was such a gracious host. We hope people finish their stays at the hotel with a sense of being well cared for.