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Room Request! Mandarin Oriental Tokyo

This luxury property comes complete with panoramic views of the inspiring city it resides in

There’s a lot to see in Tokyo. That’s why it helps to get up high in one’s hotel room. The Mandarin Oriental Tokyo is lofted up into the sky, offering expansive views over the whole city in every direction. It’s a breathtaking vantage point from an uncannily luxurious hotel. To one side, Tokyo Tower stands at attention like a beacon welcoming guests to the city as the Statue of Liberty does to New Yorkers. To the other side, Mt. Fuji’s snowy cap is visible on clear days—a view also extended to those enjoying breakfast in the mornings or watching the sun set behind it at night while having dinner.

The hotel, and I mean this in the very best of ways, is reminiscent of a James Bond scene. A meticulously maintained lobby with vaulted ceilings is perfectly lit to capture the mood of a villain’s monologue to the secret agent. At the restaurants one floor below, the hotel places certain tables on a small island surrounded by gently flowing water. The entire scene will inspire you to mirror Bond’s style and don a tuxedo paired with a martini.

In the rooms, modern furniture combined with high-end finishes allow for any traveler’s stay in Tokyo to be as exciting as desired with the safety of knowing you’ll be returning to the embrace of expert care by the hotel’s staff. From fresh fruit of the legendary Sembikiya downstairs, to the perfectly weighted pens and card stock to write down an address, this hotel has thought of everything.

Below, the hotel’s Director of Concierge Services, Masumi Tajima, gives us the inside scoop on the property.

Oriental Lounge

Oriental Lounge

What’s the most requested room?

All our guest rooms are highly popular because of the diversity of our guests’ needs. The guest’s requests depend on the purpose of the stay, including business, leisure, family, long stay. Suffice to say we have rooms that meet a wide variety of needs.

What’s a fun fact about the hotel?

Creating a distinctive ‘Sense of Place’ is a core guiding principle of Mandarin Oriental Tokyo, located in Nihonbashi. Mandarin Oriental Tokyo embodies respect and appreciation for the natural world that the Japanese people have possessed since time immemorial.

Sense Tea Corner

‘Woods and Water’ became inspirational themes and formed the underlying design construct of Mandarin Oriental Tokyo. Fabrics and furnishings have also been created to seamlessly weave together Nihonbashi’s past, present and future. Starting with an insistence on discerningly selected natural materials, Japanese designer Reiko Sudo relied upon both her own considerable talents, and those of countless master artisans and weavers throughout the country, to produce original fabrics that express the artistic and cultural traditions of Japan in colors, patterns and textures.

Premier Grand Room

What do views from the hotel look out on?

There are two sides. The West looks out over Otemachi, the beloved Imperial Palace, and Shinjuku’s striking skyline Panoramic views over the Tokyo skyline towards Mount Fuji. The East looks out over Tokyo Skytree and Sumida River.

Executive Suite Bathroom

What’s your favorite shop or restaurant in the neighborhood around the hotel?

We created an original Nihonbashi walking map to introduce shops and restaurants as well as cultural experiences at Nihonbashi. They are all our recommendations. Additionally, I also recommend the following shop below. Yubendo specializes in calligraphy supplies and washi Japanese paper. They carry over 100 varieties of brushes for writing and painting, as well as inks and pigments for Japanese-style painting. They are also popular for seasonal items made from washi. I use items with Nihonbashi bridge designs and Kirie (cut-out) cards for my personal letters as well as my ‘thank you’ letters to our guests.