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Room Request! Inn at Dos Brisas

This lush ranch outside Houston is the perfect destination for Texas tycoons and cowboys alike

Founded by Houston tech tycoon Doug Bosch in 2000, the lush Texan hideaway Inn at Dos Brisas is a cross between an authentic ranch and a state-of-the-art relaxation mecca. Set on 300 acres outside of Houston, the property is comprised of nine Spanish-style bungalows nicknamed “casitas,” a.k.a. duplexes, or “haciendas,” 3,000-square-foot, single family-style spaces boasting soaring gable ceilings, oversized ranch-style leather sofas and multiple fireplaces.

Reflecting Bosch’s Texan twang, the property is designed to a self-sustaining oasis, practicing caretaking traditions old and new. A 42-acre organic farm supplies the inn’s Forbes Five Star-winning restaurant (the only of its kind in the state) for a truly farm-to-table experience, while the wait staff practices butler-style service, delivering room service via so-called “butler passes,” or specially constructed pantry doors that allow staff to deliver food without opening the front door. Meanwhile, the bungalow lawns offer guests a front two seat to techy innovation; the inn uses a fleet of robotic lawn mowers to keep up its rolling green.

Inn at Dos Brisas (photo: courtesy of Dos Brisas)

Here, Dos Brisas honcho Doug Bosch tells us why this unique getaway’s haciendas are the ultimate place for cowboy or cowgirl to hang her hat.

What’s the most requested room?

Our five haciendas are the most popular rooms. They all are quite similar but never the same. We often have guests return for their favorite view, location, or furniture that are individual to each Hacienda. The most popular hacienda is the Equestre.

What makes it so special?

The location makes this Hacienda so special. It stands completely alone on the top of the hill, with views of the rolling countryside.

What is the rate?

$800-$1,400 per night, depending on season

Interesting tidbit?

The “butler pass” for discreet room service deliveries. We take the human interaction out of room service for a completely private dining experience for guests – the ultimate discreet delivery! The Butler Pass is in each hacienda and mostly used for the morning breakfast delivery.

Butler passes at Inn at Dos Brisas (photo: courtesy of Dos Brisas)

One more fun fact?

There is an outside shower area, which is private and unique. The Equestre also has its own robot lawn mower that takes care of its lawn.

Main image: photo courtesy of Dos Brisas