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Room Request! The Beau-Rivage Geneva

Go inside the Swiss establishment that is as every bit Genevan royalty as it is a perfect elevated escape

At a young 150-years-old, the Beau-Rivage Genève is as integral to the city of Geneva as delectable chocolate and the finest watches in the world. Owned and operated by the same family since its inception, this particular stay is more about status and pomp and circumstance, and—as you’ll quickly learn—plenty of enviable views.

After an impressive renovation of the hotel’s top floor, an additional eight suites and nine rooms face Lake Geneva. The hotel boasts the only duplex apartments which overlook the lake, each ranging from upwards of 1,076 square feet, and two presidential suites that are upwards of 1,514 square feet. With Lake Geneva’s landmark fountain and the peak of Mont-Blanc in the background, it, as General Manager Alexandre Nickbarte puts it, “feels like you’re among the stars.” Amenities of this five star property include detail-oriented trimmings like private spas in each (spacious) bathroom, Italian-hammam showers, jacuzzi bathtubs, walk-in closets, business desks, high-tech room control system, and Nespresso machines in each room.

Below, we ask Nickbarte what the property’s most request room is, and what makes Beau-Rivage Geneva such an iconic stay.

The Antoine de Saint-Exupéry duplex apartment at the Beau-Rivage Geneva

What is the most requested room at the property?

Each room is different and is a world in itself, so each customer has his beloved room (the one they will request the most). The Sissi Suite has generated the most interest. Indeed, it is a real piece of history with souvenirs and objects which belonged to the Empress. It is connected with a prestige room which also has a terrace, dressing, a private spa with a whirlpool bath, a hammam and a separate shower. The room also offers a panoramic view of the Lake, Mont-Blanc and the old town. It’s a real refinement of the art of living, where each object tells a story—its own story.

View from the Sissi Suite at the Beau-Rivage

What makes the Sissi Suite so special?

It was the private suite of the Empress Elisabeth of Austria and Queen of Hungary during her visits to Geneva. The suite contains souvenirs and objects that belonged to the Empress. The room is decorated with its antique furniture and the imperial red and cream color tissue, it features a panoramic breathtaking view of Geneva lake and a 430-square-foot terrace that overlooks the lake, the Mont-Blanc and the Alps.

What is the nightly rate/rate range for this room?

The price is upon on request. Concerning the room prestige connecting to it, the price is from CHF 1190/1,272 USD.

What is your personal favorite room and why?

My favorite room is the Eleanor Roosevelt suite. This unique suite pays tribute to Eleanor Roosevelt. She wrote at Beau-Rivage Geneva the Universal Declaration on Human Rights, so it was only logical that this feminist activist has a suite under her name. It is a top floor suite that can be up to 4,843 square feet. Connecting with a duplex apartment and an executive room. With a magnificent panoramic lake view, beautiful decor which combines tradition and modernity, a business desk, a dining room, a private spa with an Italian shower, hammam and walk-in dressing. Also fitted with a high tech room control system, a Nespresso machine and a complimentary WIFI.

The Sissi Suite at the Beau-Rivage Geneva

What is your favorite design element on property?

Beau-Rivage Genève is a 150-year-old property. It is still very connected to its roots, but also very in its time. We want to bring evolution without revolution. It is very important that our guests find what they like about this house each time they come, but also find novelties. All the challenge was to offer a very classical architecture integrating the latest technologies in a harmonious way.

What special perk or amenity do you offer that no one knows about?

Various attentions are offered to our guests according to their tastes and the occasion of their stay and a meaningful gift of Beau-Rivage Genève is undoubtedly its 150th anniversary book, which reveals its rich history, anecdotes, and historical pictures. Kofi Annan wrote the preface with this beautiful sentence, “There are great hotels, and there is the Beau-Rivage Genève!”

What’s one more fun fact about the property?

Founded in 1865 by Jean-Jacques Mayer along the coveted promenade of the shores of the Lake Léman, Beau-Rivage Genève has remained in the hands of the same family over five generations. Faithful to its founding philosophy, the family perpetuates the Beau-Rivage Genève spirit with great passion in reverence to the grandeur that has been shaped over time by illustrious guests and eminent visitors.