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Top Wellness Tips From a Celebrity Nutritionist

See what Naomi Watts and Bella Hadid’s nutritionist says we’re all doing wrong

Celebrities have personal trainers, stylists and makeup artists to help them maintain their youthful glow on a daily basis. This we know from quietly following along with their lives on social media. But, there’s one man who is responsible for maintaining our favorite celeb’s diets.

With over 20 years of experience with nutrition and working with clients one-on-one, Dr. Charles Passler founded Pure Change, a collection of products including a detoxification program, vitamins, supplements and protein bars. Online programs are available to order with no consultation with Dr. Passler, including the 7-Day Pure Change Program (priced at $199.95) and the 21-Day Pure Change Program (priced at $299.95).

For anyone looking to jumpstart their diet and wellness regimen in-person, Dr. Passler takes on new patients in addition to his usual A-list clientele that includes Naomi Watts, Bella Hadid and Liev Schreiber. Through his “five critical pillars of wellness,” made up of stress, sleep, breathing, hydration and exercise, Dr. Passler guides clients through tailored diet and supplement programs meant to target each person’s goals.

Below, we speak with Dr. Passler about how to jumpstart our wellness routines on our own and what he really thinks about today’s fad diets.

Stress is the number one thing you mention when referring to your “five critical pillars of wellness.” How bad is stress in terms of our physical well being?
One of the key components I focus on is stress management—when we’re stressed our health starts to fail. When that happens, we need our body to be healthy so it doesn’t have that extra burden. It’s not just mental/emotional stressors—any time we ask any cell in our bodies to overwork, that’s stress. If we give ourselves the energy and the environment we need for our bodies to do its job, we’ll be healthy.

What is the first thing you do with a new patient?
Most health problems of the people I see can be changed through their lifestyle. Everybody can lose weight, but the first thing I do is encourage people that, for the most part, “I’m going to help you explore what’s going on, and see what options we can engage to achieve your goals.”

Has anyone surprising ever walked through your door? Maybe someone who you thought ‘had it all together’?
Because someone is high profile doesn’t mean they face the same exact challenges every single day. We all face the same challenges when we’re faced with health.

What’s the most common diet issue you see in new clients?
The biggest challenge people have is undereating and over-exercising. It’s a cycle between not eating enough, then getting hungry and snacking bad foods, and then over-exercising so they do it all again.

How different are your high profile clients from the ones that are not?
The biggest realization that I had, and continue to have, is that we’re all the same. I don’t care if you’re the CEO of a company, or if you’re a professional athlete—we’re all the same. However, if you look at anyone that’s successful they’re willing to put the work in. The biggest difference in high profile people is that they’re willing to accept what’s required to take their talents to the next level.

Aside from their work ethic, do you notice that celebrity’s have tried the crazier methods for weight loss?
Fad diets in general are not long term—it’s the people that see the switch as a new state of being that end up being successful. Right now there’s a crazy diet out there called the “Carnivore Diet,” it’s like taking the keto and paleo diets to the next step. These people are eating only meat and nothing else. It’s horrible. Another diet that doesn’t go well is the “Five-Bite Diet,” where you essentially eat whatever you want for each meal, but only five bites. Then there’s the tapeworm diet, but the tapeworms could reproduce and the eggs could end up all over your body. But more realistically, the raw food diet is a little off—these are programs that never last because they eliminate so many foods.

If there was one tip you could give people to jumpstart their wellness makeover?
I would tell them that the human is meant to be healthy—all we need to do is listen to our bodies. Our cells are begging us to just take care of them. So if you do the right thing by your body, your body will do the right thing by you. And that’s where those five factors come into play. I promise you, you’re going to have the ability to look and feel your best. Let the body do its job.

Dr. Pessler’s New York City office location: 126 Fifth Avenue, 10th Floor

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