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Obsession DuJour: the Zenhaven Mattress, by Saatva

Our Senior Editor shares what she can’t live without right now

There’s nothing quite like a new relationship to take your mind off things. So far, 2017 has been one of the most mind-boggling years in recent history, and most people are balancing extreme news consumption with extreme self-help measures: deleting Facebook, joining their local meditation chapter, planting and tending to miniature indoor herb gardens, rereading the complete Harry Potter series, and so forth. But anyone lucky enough to find herself in budding love can skip all that, because all she needs is her new beloved.

Yes, I am one such lucky lady. I rush home every night and wake up every morning in rapture to the dream that awaits me in my bed. Not the guy there—I mean, he’s pretty amazing, but our daisy-fresh infatuation has more of a Chinese takeout aroma at this point—I’m talking about my actual bed. Or, more specifically, my new mattress: the Zenhaven. I call him “Zenny.” Just “Z” when we’re getting cuddly.

Alright, alright—but seriously, I love this mattress. It’s made me happier the past couple months than Harry Potter and my miniature herb garden combined. The Zenhaven is made by Saatva, the online-only mattress company that’s been carving a real slice out of the Casper market. Saatva sells three varieties of luxury mattresses at half the price that you’d normally pay for the level of quality. They deliver the mattress to your home during a time frame at your request, so I ate a bagel while watching The Bachelor as two lovely gentlemen installed my mattress (my ultimate first date: seduction was already underway). The Zenhaven is made from American Talalay latex, which is sustainably harvested from pure tree sap, and whipped into a mold by way of a process that I honestly cannot explain to you, but apparently ensures supremely even distribution. The end result is an exceptionally buoyant mattress, which gives the sensation that you’re both sinking in and floating at the same time. It’s exactly what I’d imagine sleeping on a cloud would feel like if I didn’t know clouds were made up of tiny freezing raindrops.

So maybe more like a cartoon cloud, on top of which chubby cupids loll about in a pillow top paradise, blissfully oblivious to the woes of the world below. That’s my relationship right now with my Zenhaven, and when our 120-day trial period is up, I think we’ll make it official.

Main Image Credit: instagram.com