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Gadget DuJour: A Posh Pod-Style Caffeine Machine

What to know about Nespresso’s first foray into full-sized cups of coffee

Owning a Nespresso machine used to require a fervent commitment to European-style espresso. But now, the brand is expanding into the realm of actual coffee with its recently launched VertuoLine.

Aesthetically speaking, the machine is gorgeous—but it also delivers a pretty spectacular cup of coffee. It operates like a standard single-serving coffee maker—insert the capsule, close the lever and press a button—but what differentiates the VertuoLine from other units is the way the cup is prepared. Each coffee pod is labeled with a unique bar code, which tells the machine exactly how it should be brewed. The result is a perfectly smooth cup of coffee or espresso beneath a layer of foam (or what Nespresso eloquently calls “crema”) that’s said to indicate a high quality product. Nespresso suggests stirring the coffee before sipping to release a heavier aroma and spicy, woody notes.

Nespresso VirtuoLine

Nespresso VertuoLine

There are currently eight different blends available for large-cup coffee, and four specific to espresso. The VertuoLine can be paired with an optional milk frother to make other beverages like lattes and cappuccinos and is available in red, chrome or black for $299 (or $349 with Aeroccino+ milk frother).



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