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Room Request! The Montauk Beach House

See inside the most requested room at this chic Montauk property

Chic hotel accommodations are often hard to come by in Montauk, but The Montauk Beach House is a welcome exception. The property is perfectly situated in the center of its namesake town, giving guests easy access to the area’s best shops, restaurants, bars and, most importantly, the beach. Owner Larry Seidlick gave the hotel a dramatic overhaul in 2012 (it was previously called Ronjo Hotel) by incorporating reclaimed wood, over-sized chaise lounges and plush beds.

The hotel’s 33 rooms surround an inner courtyard with two pools, a bar and (opening next summer) a wellness spa. Below, Montauk Beach House’s Alex Maillard tells DuJour about the most sought-after room on the property. 

Moonlight Suite No. 4

Moonlight Suite No. 4

The most requested room:

Our Moonlight Suite No. 4 on the second floor with a pool view is our most unique room.

What makes it so special:

It boasts a king-size bed with 14-foot lofted ceilings and a clawfoot tub inside the bedroom.

The rate:

It starts at $320 on weekdays, and weekend rates average about $500 per night.

Your personal favorite:

The Whitewater Loft No. 5 on the second level. It’s one of the nine Moonlight Suites. 

Moonlight Suite No. 6

Moonlight Suite No. 6


It has a humble beach bungalow vibe and a little balcony overlooking the landscape sea-grass, plus a glimpse of the ocean. 

Celebrity guests:

Joshua Jackson and Diane Kruger 

Fun fact:

The property was originally established in the early 1950s by hospitality pioneers Irv and Flo Stuart as a Polynesian-themed resort, known then as the Ronjo Resort. During the early 1970s, Andy Warhol frequented Montauk and found amusement and inspiration in the design and color-blocking of the Ronjo’s famous “Moai” statue outside the hotel. Today, the “Moai” remains part of the Montauk Beach House and is a popular backdrop for vacationers’ photos.