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Look, Ma, No Wires! The Coolest New Speakers

With its sleek minimalist design and its ease of use, we might just put one in each room of our home

You know that feeling you get when you excitedly unpack a shiny new gadget and break out the instruction manual—only to find that it’s written as clearly as ancient hieroglyphics? That’s what we expected to happen with the STELLÉ Audio Couture Pillar Speaker. Because when something looks so sophisticated, it probably takes an equal amount of sophistication to figure it out, right?

Wrong. The 12-inch wireless Pillar requires virtually no set-up; once you turn it on, you just connect your phone, iPad or computer via Bluetooth and play your music. (You can also connect through the included USB or stereo input cable.) As soon it’s fully charged, the unit is completely portable—and at only three pounds, it’s also lightweight. The charge lasts around 15 hours, and if you happen to get a call while you’re streaming music, you can answer it—without turning off the music—and talk through the speaker’s built-in microphone.

The ease of use and set-up is actually just an added bonus, because the biggest appeal of the pillar—which will retail for $349—is how sleek it is. It comes in four neutrals (high-gloss white, brushed aluminum, matte black and pewter) that are discreet enough to blend into your office or home while still making a high-tech statement. 

The tower is one of the first offerings from the newcomer audio brand, which aims to “pair high quality and high style.”

The only small drawback: You won’t be able to get your hands on the speaker immediately but they start shipping next month (add your name to the waiting list on their website here).